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Retirement Planning
For the majority of us early retirement is something we all strive for, sadly however how many of us actually make a conscious effort to ensure that we have set in place a pension plan that will provide income in our retirement.

Due to the mobile nature of todays international workforce many employers are no longer offering Pension benefits other than those that are mandated by law and as such it is essential that you pay close attention to your Pension’s Pot whilst overseas in order to avoid a shortfall in your retirement.

Fortunately being overseas does open up some excellent planning opportunities as typically disposable income is higher and taxation is lower making it an ideal time to set up a Personal Pension plan that is completely independent of your employment and that can provide either a lump sum or income in retirement.
Pension Plans

Before deciding on which type of Pension Plan is suitable for you we will review your existing pension provisions to establish current and projected values. In addition we also see whether or not you are entitled to any pension benefits from previous employers as it may well be beneficial to transfer these offshore.

For most people Individual Personal Pension Plans are by far the most popular way of accumulating a lump sum at retirement as they, are not bound by any pension restrictions at maturity and the proceeds can be used as you see fit.