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Regular Savings

"…it is never to early to encourage long term savings…." Ron Lewis

For many of our clients maximising their, savings potential and accumulating a lump sum whilst overseas is a priority. By establishing a Regular Savings Plan you elect to invest a fixed amount on a monthly basis that is invested into your chosen Fund or Funds. Not only is this a disciplined approach to investing but by investing on a regular basis you can enjoy the powerful effects of “Dollar Cost Averaging.” Most importantly, you will have the comfort of knowing that with each passing month you are taking small but steady steps towards achieving your financial goals, be that a deposit on a house, funding your children’s education or supplementing your income in retirement.
Regular Savings

Establishing a Regular Savings Plan is one of the best strategies for long term investing as it:

Encourages Discipline - It encourages discipline, as you will be setting money aside on a regular basis (for example, monthly) for investment. From a practical perspective, you can also better manage your personal finances by timing your investment outlay to coincide with when you receive your income.

Mitigates Risk of Market Timing - With regular investing, you do not have to worry about market timing, or agonise over when to get in or out of an investment. When you invest at a gradual pace, you are less likely to commit large amounts of money into a single investment at the wrong time. If you remain invested over the designated time period, you may also have the opportunity to receive better investment returns - as you will be participating in the market’s best performing cycles (in addition to its worst performing cycles).

Lowers the Investment Threshold - You do not need to commit a large sum of money to start investing. Regular investing allows you to contribute what you can afford, making it a flexible yet effective way to build up your portfolio. At first glance, your small contributions may not seem very substantial, but the benefits of regular investing really add up over the course of a lifetime with the effect of compounding.

Potential Benefits of “Dollar Cost Averaging” - When making your investment decisions, you may be able to save and accumulate your wealth consistently by utilising the concept of dollar cost averaging – committing to buy a fixed sum of a particular investment on a regular schedule. When prices go up, fewer units will be bought; and when prices go down, more units will be purchased. The average cost of each unit acquired will be lower than the fund’s average price over the same period. In this way, you can potentially build up a desired investment position by making gradual and disciplined investments in the market. You avoid the risk of investing a large sum at an unexpectedly disadvantageous time, while giving yourself a disciplined plan to reaching your investment goals.

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Regular Savings SURVIVAL GUIDE: The salesman's favourite as they generate the highest commissions. Looks at the relationship between contract term and commissions paid, the impact of initial units and explores the opaque world of Mirror Funds.

SURVIVAL GUIDE to Regular Savings can be downloaded HERE

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Savings Recovery Programme

The Savings Recovery Programme (“SRP”) was developed by ICHOR Partners to help expatriates who have been mis-sold contractual savings plans and are looking to reduce the term and enhance investment returns.

The SRP is a proprietary analytical tool that looks at specific charges applicable to your individual plan and compares stated value to actual encashment value (“real value”). It then reviews historical performance in order to estimate the potential return. Depending on the information provided by the client it will also look for hidden charges and costs that are being taken by your existing financial adviser. Once this base line has been established, the SRP then creates a recovery programmes, specific to your individual circumstances.