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Structured Products
Structured Notes/Products

Structured notes are becoming increasingly popular with clients looking to minimise risk and/or improve returns on their overall portfolio. The market is vast and constantly changing as each note is only available for subscription for a limited time, typically 30 days.

As a private investor it is a daunting task to review each one in turn and the make a qualified decision before the subscription window closed.

Structured Notes can provide investors with features that cannot be achieved through “standard” investments such as shares or bonds. For example, some Structured Products provide protection against drops in share prices; some deliver returns that increase faster than share prices themselves; and some can provide positive returns even if share prices do not increase at all or even fall. Product returns are usually clearly defined and quoted net of all fees and charges. This means that “what you see is what you get”.

However, these are complex financial instruments and ICHOR Partners has become increasingly concerned that these products particularly “Auto-Calls” are being mis-sold to clients as “Capital Protected” or providing a “Fixed Income”, where in fact this is seldom if ever the case. In fact these products are extremely illiquid and depending on the underlying strategy there is a risk of significant and possibly total capital loss.

ICHOR Partners continually reviews and monitors offerings and tracks performance, if you are currently holding structured notes in your portfolio and would like us to monitor these for you please
contact us.