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International Investment Advisory Services

“ …the cornerstone to achieving financial security is implementing a diversified investment strategy as early as possible and then sticking with it …”
Benjamin Franklin

For many people, the thought of investing is a daunting task and perhaps it is not surprising that some choose to delay this “until they have more time” . However, even a delay of just a few years can have a devastating effect on your ultimate net worth. Deciding how to invest and what to invest in are decisions that ICHOR Partners make everyday on behalf of our clients. Furthermore, we will cut through the investment jargon ensuring that you understand how the Funds are managed and most importantly that the inherent costs associated with establishing and effectively managing your investment strategy are fully disclosed and kept to a minimum.

Whether you are a high net worth individual looking to protect accumulated wealth, a retiree wishing to supplement income in retirement or a young professional just starting out, ICHOR Partners will provide you with qualified advice that ensures that you are well placed to maximise your savings potential.
Regular Savings Plans

Perhaps the most popular way of accumulating wealth is to invest on a regular basis. It allows you access to a wide range of diversified Funds and to select a contribution level that you are comfortable with and that does not negatively impact on your lifestyle.

Once established, you are able to alter the investments as your personal circumstance or market conditions dictate. There are also options to vary premiums and borrow against accumulated value making these a flexible and cost effective means of accessing the world’s leading Fund management houses.

ICHOR Partners has produced a SURVIVAL GUIDE to Regular Savings and this can be downloaded HERE

Fund Investment

For those of you looking to invest in a specific market or sector, investing in funds offers a simple and cost effective alternative to buying stocks and shares. Furthermore, as the Fund invests into lots of different companies' shares or bonds, the risk is less than it would have been if all of your investment was placed into a single company's shares.

There are thousands of Funds, Investment Trusts and ETFs (exchange traded Funds) available to the international investor. Some tap into professional's expertise while others simply follow a certain index, (tracking funds) while others allow access to more obscure investments and emerging economies. Funds can be designed to provide income, capital growth or a combination of the two.

In selecting a Fund, you should pay careful attention to the jurisdiction in which it is held, the experience of the manager and the regulatory body and independent auditors that monitor the Fund.

Minimum investment levels vary and can be significant for some Funds. Therefore you may want to invest via an Offshore Portfolio Bond in so doing you are able to significantly reduce these minimums.
Offshore Portfolio Bonds

Perhaps the simplest portfolio management tool available to the international investor is the Offshore Portfolio Bond. Portfolio Bonds are provided by a number of International Life Insurance companies and are often referred to as “wrappers,” allowing you to consolidate (wrap) all of your investments into one easy to manage institutional account. Once established, you have access to on-line dealing enabling you to monitor performance and adjust your portfolio at any time.

This type of structure has several advantages:

• All administration of the assets carried out by Life company

• On-line dealing and valuations

• Access to institutional discounts and dealing terms

• Tax mitigation

• Estate Planning

• Policyholder Protection

ICHOR Partners has produced a SURVIVAL GUIDE to Personal Portfolio Bonds and this can be downloaded HERE
Portfolio Management

If you do not want to make your own investment decisions and wish to take a less active role in the management of your investments, then the ICHOR portfolio service (“IP”) is something you may wish to consider. IP will take all the strain out of managing a diversified portfolio and working your professional adviser construct a bespoke investment portfolio in keeping with your investment objectives and risk tolerance levels.

The portfolio will be actively managed and clients can track their holdings and monitor performance on-line.