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Professional Financial Advice

"No enemy is worse than bad advice"…. Sophocles

With access to the international market place and with a truly global reach we combine Transparent Ethical Advice with research driven, tailored solutions across the whole financial planning spectrum.
Whether you are a high net worth individual looking to protect accumulated wealth, a retiree wishing to supplement income in retirement or a young professional just starting out, ICHOR Partners will provide you with qualified advice that ensures that you are well placed to maximise your savings potential.
These have become increasingly popular in recent years and for the experienced investors that have an offshore portfolio held via a nominee account or wrapper, they provide a unique way to gain access to global indexes and stocks, improve returns and define risk. However, these products are complex in nature, tend to be illiquid and as such need careful evaluation and constant monitoring if Capital loses are to be avoided.
For many of our clients the first step to financial security is to set up a Regular Savings Plan. Not only is this a disciplined approach to investing but by investing on a regular basis you can enjoy the powerful effects of “Dollar Cost Averaging.” Furthermore, you will have the comfort of knowing that with each passing month you are taking small but steady steps towards achieving your financial goals, be that a deposit on a house, funding your children’s education or supplementing your income in retirement.
The challenge facing today’s investor is how to protect the “real value” of cash against a backdrop of high inflation, low deposit rates and a fairly unsettled “macro-economic” environment. ICHOR Partners has a number of “Cash Plus” Portfolio and Funds that do exactly this.
The provision of a good education for our children is of paramount importance to all parents. However, private education regardless of country, does not come cheap. Fortunately, planning in advance can significantly reduce these costs.
Due to the mobile nature of todays international workforce many employers are no longer offering Pension benefits other than those that are mandated by lawn and as such it is essential that you pay close attention to your Pension Pot whilst overseas in order to avoid a shortfall in your retirement.
For those of you that have transferred your UK pension into a QROPS, ICHOR Partners has a proprietary evaluation and management programme that can significantly reduce charges and increase returns - QROPS Recovery Programme.
Personal Insurance is a much neglected part of most client’s financial plan. All too often we see that little or no insurance exists and where it does exist it is either linked to employment or covering a financial obligation such as a loan or a mortgage. Illness, long term disability and ultimately death of a bread winner or partner can have a devastating effect on a family’s financial well being and as such it is an area that needs careful consideration.
If your company doesn’t provide Medical Insurance or you are self employed, then you should consider establishing your own Private Medical Insurance as even a short stay in hospital can have a devastating effect on your finances.

Estate Planning like Life Assurance is something many of our clients are reluctant to address as it deals with the inevitability of death. However, it is something that must be considered as many countries impose hefty inheritance taxes on estates and these can have a devastating effect on families at a time when they are most vulnerable. Fortunately, with a few simple changes to how assets are held, Inheritance Tax can be mitigated and in certain cases avoided altogether.