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Survival Guides
ICHOR Partners have produced a series of Survival Guides that take an in depth look at the way these products have been sold, the commissions associated with them and what steps you can take to get your investment products back on track. Simply click on the guide below to receive your copy.
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Regular Savings SURVIVAL GUIDE: The salesman's favourite as they generate the highest commissions. Looks at the relationship between contract term and commissions paid, the impact of initial units and explores the opaque world of Mirror Funds.
Personal Portfolio Bond SURVIVAL GUIDE: A detailed look at the Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB), the charges and fees levied by traditional advisers, the effect of “soft commissions” on your investments, and the remedial action you can take to recoup these costs by reducing ongoing fees.
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(Barbarians) Advisers at the Gate: Essential reading for those of you currently employing the services of a financial adviser or considering doing so.