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A Game Changing Approach to Offshore Wealth Management
It seems that just about everyone you meet these days is a Financial Adviser, especially when you are an expatriate. All of them purport to be independent and to be able to save you thousands of dollars in tax and promise outstanding investment performance. Sadly, the vast majority of these so-called advisers are, in fact, no more than “commission-driven” salesmen who have little, if any, financial training and are actively encouraged to sell the product that offers them the most commission rather than the one that is most suited to your needs.

Once becoming a client of ICHOR Partners you can rest assured that all investment advice given is based on achieving your financial goals and not on generating commission, as all of our staff are salaried professionals.
Our Approach
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Identify areas of concern within the financial services market. Highlight products and services that have been mis-sold by Expatriate Financial Advisers and reveal all commissions at all levels.


Inform clients of the fees, charges, penalties and commissions that are imbedded in their existing products and introduce them to the ICHOR Proposition.


Improve clients’ investment returns by reducing fixed costs, removing unnecessary fees and providing institutional discounts on all future transactions.

Advice Driven NOT Sales Driven
Ichor Partners believe that education is critical in the design, evaluation and management of a successful investment strategy. We have published a number of "survival guides"that provide essential reading for anyone with an existing adviser or considering investing for the first time.

Furthermore, we have a number of proprietary programmes and analytical tools that can be used to help clients reduce costs and improve returns.
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(Barbarians) Advisers at the Gate: Essential reading for those of you currently employing the services of a financial adviser or considering doing so.
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QROPS Recovery Plan: Have you been unfortunate enough to entrust the management of your pension assets to a so called financial adviser with no investment knowledge or experience? If so arrange for an independent review today.
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Regular Savings SURVIVAL GUIDE: The salesman's favourite as they generate the highest commissions. Looks at the relationship between contract term and commission paid, the impact of initial units and explores the opaque world of Mirror Funds.
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Personal Portfolio Bond SURVIVAL GUIDE: A detailed look at the Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB), the charges and fees levied by traditional advisers, the effect of “soft commissions” on your investments, and the remedial action you can take to recoup these costs by reducing ongoing fees.
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Savings Recovery Programme: Shorten the term, remove exit penalties, mirror funds and initial units and release the full potential of your regular savings plan.